Love God by Loving Your Neighours

Love God by Loving Your Neighbours 

The ability of intercession to save lives and souls! Prayer of hope
† Share the love and happiness of the Lord~†
† Please pray for the good work of the Lord?
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† GOD help you
† My help [cometh] from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.
†The ability of intercession to save lives and souls! Prayer of Hope
†Need our love~†
†Waiting for a helping hand
Love of God Love of neighbor [Lord help me]
Christian Community Fund
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† † I want to help a butler who needs surgery
Due to the financial bankruptcy, the family of Deacon Jong-Yong Lee in Juan collapsed
Homeless on the street While walking through the streets
Deacon Jong-yong Lee could not get rent, so wept in tears and prayed to God
The difficult family conditions and physical pain in rural villages
I couldn’t tell anyone in the world and there was no place to lean on, so I lived looking only at the Lord
We pray to God with tears for the family of Deacon Jong-Yong Lee who was in Juan
One meal a day We are eagerly awaiting God's loving hand
†My wife, who was in the love of the Lord, went missing with her sister
To make matters worse, an accident occurred
Lived in joy with the assurance of salvation in Jesus
Deacon Jong-Yong Lee, who lived while receiving the love of God
I was very sad that my beloved wife ran away without permission
I prayed earnestly to God with tears]
I arrived in a dark room with a tired body that broke my heart for days
I was climbing dark stairs.Rolled down the stairs and fell for no specific reason
As a result of dizziness, as if a stick fell down, he lost his mind and fell
The left nasal bone and facial cheekbone were fractured and broken
Dizziness, hyperlipidemia, headache, thrombosis, external artery blockage, heart arrhythmia, and chest pain There is]
During hospital treatment and surgery due to various diseases is
I get down on my knees and write with tears praying earnestly to God for help
I don’t have anything, and I don’t have a family guardian with the help of 119 in the hospita
I lived alone in a small room in a homeless shelter and suffered a sudden accident and there was no family guardian
Hospitalization treatment and surgery General anesthesia has started
The doctor said that hospital treatment and surgery costs are high
I didn't have anything
We ask for the support of many Saints' devotion, prayer, and love
I want you to forgive me if I am rude to this article. ...
I ask you with a heartbreaking heart that vomits blood in front of God and the saints
I earnestly ask, relying on the words of the Gospel of Matthew to ask, seek, and knock on the door
Please pray with us, trusting that the Lord will fill it in some way
Post the story of Juan Love Sharing in Juan on his personal timeline I entrust everything to the Lord while praying
I want to help a poor butler in Juan
Pray that God will heal Deacon Jong-yong Lee and give grace to Deacon Jong-yong Lee's family in Juan I pray
1 Peter 2:24, Jeremiah 33:2-3, Philippians 4:6-7, 13, 19
I pray that God's grace will come
I pray that God's warm loving hand will reach To the family of butler Jong-yong Lee
I pray that you will open the door to heaven and meet all your needs without being lacking
We pray with tears to God in the pain of Deacon Jong-yong Lee's family in Juan,
which was destroyed by physical pain and financial bankruptcy
† We ask for the support of many Saints' devotion, prayer, and love
It was said that in the miracle of Oh Byung-Ye, it became 12 Gwangju-ri by collecting the leftover debris after 5,000 people ate
Small things gathered Like a big thing Please help little by little
If Several Saints members help the family of Deacon Jong-Yong Lee in God's love,
You can repay 30 million won of various utility bills and household debts that have not been paid.
Can provide hospital treatment and surgery expenses,
You can get a Rent deposit for the family of Jong-Yong Lee Deacon
You can help Jongyong Lee's family in the In God's love.
God will repay you 100 times.
Please help me little by little. Please help me.
† God of love!
Deacon Jong-Yong Lee, please give grace to the family!
God said that suffering is beneficial,
In the word of the Lord that believers have no power
In physical pain and economically difficult living environment,
I am trying a lot to stand up and see without help from around me,
This difficult family situation of me praying with tears
I believe that God knows and will surely help
I ask you with a heartbreaking heart that vomits blood in front of God and the saints.
Let's pray together for God to show grace and help in our petitions.
(1 Peter 2:24, James 5:15-16, Psalm 103:3-5, Jer 29:11-13, Mark 11:2-24)
Heal all cancers and diseases with the Blood of Jesus.
In the Lord Help me to be a deacon of faith who glorifies God with a healthy body.
Please give Deacon Jongyong Lee the grace of healing and make him healthy.
Lord of love! I pray...
Please give Deacon Jong-Yong Lee a good job so that he can work happily and take care of his family, and give him a stable tent to help him avoid difficulties in his life.
The Holy Spirit, who knows all circumstances and circumstances, will satisfy all needs and help you.
Please lead me on the path of prosperity. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen."
[I want to help a butler who needs surgery]
I pray that He will only rely on the Lord who is there is able to heal you
(Isaiah 53:5, James 5:15-16, Mark 11:24).
I would be grateful if several saints helped Deacon Jong-Yong Lee with warm hands
We are appealing to the congregation for the circumstances of this difficult family in crisis because we cannot obtain the security deposit for the visit to Korea, repayment of household debt, and the cost of hospital treatment and surgery.
We want God to provide healing grace and help.
And I will reward you by always praying for you
I love you in the love of the Lord. Bless you
I pray that God's grace will be with you in your home and will always be healthy and happy.
We ask for your prayers and support. Thank you. Salom.
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