뉴욕선교교회, Youth Pastor 청빙

뉴욕 퀸즈 칼리지 포인트에 위치한 뉴욕선교회에서 Youth Pastor를 모십니다. 

1. 이중언어 사역 (영어설교 가능하신 분)

2. 파트타임 사역

3. M.Div. 재학중이거나 졸업하신 분

4. 제출서류: 

1) 이력서 및 자기소개서                

2) 신앙과 소명 간증문                

3) Youth 사역에 대한 비전

▣ 서류제출: newyorkmissionchurch@gmail.com

▣ 사례비 및 기타 청빙 관련 문의: 718-451-6348 


The New York Mission Church located in College Point, Queens,

New York is seeking a Youth Pastor.


1. Bilingual ministry (preach in English)

2. Part-time ministry

3.M.Div. Currently enrolled or graduated

4. Documents to be submitted:

1) Resume and self-introduction

2) Testimony of faith and calling

3) Vision for Youth Ministry

▣ Submit documents: newyorkmissionchurch@gmail.com

▣ Inquiries regarding honoraria and other invitations: 718-451-6348


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